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Edmonton Investment Real Estate and Market News January 2012


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Economic News


During the height of the last boom, Alberta was a mecca for 
job seekers.

Employers promised soaring salaries and signing bonuses, people were lured 
back from retirement and help-wanted signs abounded.

Tens of thousands flooded into the province to take advantage of a tight 
labour market that highlighted Alberta’s economic power, while human 
resources departments worked overtime to attract and retain skilled staff 
and anticipate future needs.

But the downside saw projects delayed because of a shortage of labour and 
businesses adjusting hours to accommodate available staffing, not able to 
take advantage of the overheated economy.

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Economic News

Energy Revival Fuels another boom

Albertans know all about the B-word: boom.

For much of the past decade the economic pace was blistering, led by 
massive projects in the oilsands. The result was scores of high-paying
jobs, a red hot real estate market and an influx of thousands of new

The party was good while it lasted.

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  Featured Property

Mcleod NE Edmonton

This newly renovated home (2011) features a gorgeous 2 bedroom 
basement suite and spacious 3 bedroom main floor. It is located in a mature 
family-orientied neighbourhood in North East Edmonton. The home appeals to 
young, professionals looking to rent a quiet well kept home with a large 
fenced back yard.

The Numbers:
Purchase Price $378000 
Appraised Price $389500 
Equity $11000 (from day 1) 
Down payment $75600 
Rent $2487/month 
Positive cash flow/month $252/month 
Mortgage pay down/month $783/month 
Total profit + equity/month $1187/month 
Return on investment 18.8% 
Built in Equity $11000

5 years cash flow @ $252/month=$15120 
If the property values grow by 2% per year for the next 5 years 
the property will be valued at $430039 
Mortgage owing 255428 
Total equity $174611

Quote of The Month

"Have fun, work hard and money will come. Don’t waste time – 
grab your chances. Have a positive outlook on life. When it’s not fun, move on."

Sir Richard Branson

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